Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Science Fair

One of the biggest projects we do at school every year is the science fair. Every student in the school is required to do a project. That means lots of time researching in the library. This past year all of our science teachers were either new to the building and/or teaching science for the first time. Only one of them had taught science before so they looked to me for help. One of the things that I did to assist them was adding a large science fair section to my school website. It includes links for experiments, steps to creating a project, and a downloadable form for typing a science research paper. You can check it out at the Hayes Library website. You must go to the files page link to download the template for the reasearch paper. Hope you enjoy my website!

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Chad Roberts said...

That is great to see that you were able to assist the new science teachers at your school and be a resource for them as they helped prepare their students for the science fair. Good luck with splitting your time between the two schools this year!